Should I buy land before contacting a builder, or talk to a builder before I buy land?

As a new home builder, our business model is such that we generally work with clients who already own land and build on their own land. However, it can be advantageous to contact a builder while you’re still researching land, as he can help you get a better idea of the kind of land you’ll want to build on. Ultimately though, the land you end up with will dictate much about your home’s design. So while it may be obvious that we can’t start building a home until you have a place to build it, what might not be so obvious—but is just as important to know—that we really can’t design a home either until we know exactly what kind of building conditions we’ll be working with.

Can I save a lot of money by building my own home instead of hiring a builder?

You might think so, but our experience has shown otherwise.

Do you have standard plans for us to choose from?

Yes, We have four different house plan ranges to choose from, Investor, Executive, Holiday and the Advantage Series.

Can I save money by choosing an existing set of plans instead of going through the custom design process?

This is something we hear all the time, and it’s a great question. It can cost a few thousand dollars to have a custom set of plans drawn up for your home, and so some people ask themselves a reasonable question: “What if I just choose a set of existing plans that have already been used in the past? I’ll be able to save all that design time, the hassle of having to create something from scratch, and I won’t have to pay for a custom design. “While this is a perfectly logical assumption, our experience over the years has shown that the cost savings between creating a custom design vs choosing a standard home plan is basically the same.

When we begin our design/build process with a new client, we don’t ask “do you like floor plan A, B or C?” – instead, we ask “how do you live your life?” and through a line of questioning, we can identify a floor plan that works for you. When you sit down with our new home consultant, he or she will ask you questions such as “Do you have dogs? Do you like to cook? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors? Do you drink white wine?” and more. The answers to these questions help us come up with a conclusion for your home design such as “Design a little nook in the kitchen for the dog dishes,” or “They’ll need an Alfresco area for entertaining around the BBQ” and “Add a wine fridge to the kitchen island.” All these little considerations are things that add up to the big picture of having a custom home: a home designed or plan personalised with you in mind, with no unused features or wasted space.

Is building a custom home more demanding or complicated than building a semi-custom home?

A little, but not much. Sometimes people are afraid of the custom home building process and fear that their lives will be consumed by having to make a lot of decisions as well as coming up with all the intricate design ideas. Not so.

Fortunately, we’ve made the custom home process much, much simpler than that. As we’ve mentioned before, custom really is just personalising your design so we can build the home of your dreams. Sometimes we work with people who are afraid of the decision-making process because it’s hard for them to choose features or finishes. In that case, we can make it easier on you by showing you only a few colour options rather than huge selections to choose from.

Do you have standard specifications for building your homes?

Yes we have our standard Advantage, Investor, Executive and Holiday specifications for our standard plan ranges. You are welcome to use these for your design or modify and personalise the inclusions for your dream home. Planning Your Dream Home

Can I do some of the work on my home myself to save money?

It depends. In all honesty, we occasionally do let a home owner do some of the work when building their home, but it’s really not to save money. Most of the time, it’s because the home owner wants to feel invested; like he or she really got to be a part of the building process.

However, many people overestimate the way costs are calculated when building a home, so they think that if they take a small portion of the work out of the contract that they can be save considerably on their new home cost. There’s really very little savings to be had by the kinds of tasks a home owner can bring to the table. Plus, it’s also important to remember that we as a builder are liable to build everything properly, and put a warranty on all of our work, so if we make a mistake, we fix it, at our cost. Whereas, if a home owner makes even a very small mistake, any of the intended costs savings could be lost, and the home owner would be liable to fix the mistake, it should be noted that no client care items are covered in your Stamford 10 Year Guarantee either.

Your standard plan ranges show brick homes, do you do other claddings?

Many of our standard plans show brick and weatherboard exterior claddings, we are happy to price and build alternative claddings, just ask our consultants.

Do you build on piles or only on concrete slabs?

Your site will dictate the most appropriate foundations and style of floor best utilised for your home design.

I have already designed my home with an architect, will you price this for me with a view to building my new home?

Absolutely, we often have clients that have already completed or partially completed the design for their new home.

How do I get finance to build my new home?

Great question! Unless you’re paying cash (which some clients do), you’ll want to get a mortgage approved. If you don’t already have financing in place, feel free to contact us and we’ll put you in touch with one of our preferred lenders to help you such as Newbuild Finance. New Build Finance

I want to build a new home and my mortgage has been pre approved. Where do I start?

That’s fantastic news! First, research and then put an offer on the land you want to build on (You may want to hire a real estate agent to help you with this). Talk to us about your budget, your ideas for design, we will help you to establish the style of home you could achieve within your budget and what would best suit the site you have purchased.

Do you ever build energy-efficient homes and use environmentally friendly materials?

Absolutely! We’ve built homes with active solar systems, passive solar engineering, water re-circulation systems and more.

Do you ever build homes with alternative power sources, like solar power?

Yes, we do. Just be aware that alternative energy systems can provide an excellent source of power with great savings over time, but they have a significant up-front cost. We would love to talk more about them if you’re interested.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer a 2 year warranty on all finishes and equipment and a 10 year structural warranty. Please see information on our HomeFirst 10 Year Guarantee Our Guarantee

Do you have a show home I can view?

We have 3 show homes available for viewing please see our show homes tab Showhomes Our show homes are in Warkworth, Mangawhai and Whangarei. We are in the process of building our new show home in Snells Beach – watch this space!

Do you build outside of these areas?

For the right client and the right job, we’re usually happy to travel, keeping in mind that there’s generally an increase in the cost of building in areas outside our standard building zones.

What areas do you build in?

Our builders construct quality homes from the North Shore in Auckland through to Whangarei in lower Northland.

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