I decided to return to Mangawhai to live after an absence of 8 years and was amazed at the growth in housing and the number of residents now living here permanently.

I decided to build rather than buy a property for myself. A friend introduced me to Willie of Westmoreland who told me that he could indeed build me a house within a 6 months period.

I was then introduced to Trish Conroy who was put in charge of helping me through this journey. Trish very soon became my mentor and I know that probably it is common for every client of Westmoreland to have an assistant to help with decision making etc. However, I really think I was one of the very lucky ones having Trish allocated as my assistant.

My apprehension of the first couple of weeks quickly diminished and for the next 6 months I spent many hours with Trish, decision making and sometimes feeling rather guilty about changing my mind so much, but Trish never wavered in her manner towards me which was always patient and helpful.

I was amazed at the depth of knowledge that Trish has on every aspect of the house building industry, from Council consents to the final brick being placed.

Thank you Trish, for your help and understanding in making this a pleasant experience despite the fact that common knowledge has it that building a house is one of the worst kinds of experiences one would wish to have.

Again, thank you Trish. I feel as though you have become a true friend and may I wish you only good things in your life in the building industry or whatever you may choose to do in the future.

Parkview Waters, Mangawhai

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