Ken and I have recently moved into our new home built for us by Westmorland Homes and we couldn’t be more delighted.

The tradesmen they provide are absolute craftsmen from the architects to the decorators. The kitchen people , the tilers and brickies, the building, plumbing and electrical tradespeople are meticulously careful and the results are really top class. We are especially grateful for the siting and elevation they achieved which adds so much to the enjoyment we have and to the value of our property.

The Westmorland team is headed up by Willie Hewitt who is truly a man of his word. Willie will do anything possible to make his customer happy and really important to us was that we got a guaranteed price upfront with no nasty surprises, and we got it before we paid a cent. We are so happy to recommend him and this company to anyone contemplating a new home.

Ken & Jenny

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